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In a previous YHF story we introduced you to Joe Finlay and his weight loss journey.  After struggling his entire life and finding success at Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs, Joe says his initial success was too hard for him to sustain.  Stress and a busy work life in the computer world took over and his weight spike to 421 pounds.  He is now back on the wagon, and working with new DNA information from Metabolic Research Center on his weight loss efforts.

Joe explains, “They (MRC) said we offer a DNA panel, it’s the first of a kind in the industry and they test 5 genetic markers that will tell me what I can take off my list, and what I should focus on eating.”

As an I-T professional, a scientific approach to why he craves certain foods, made sense to Joe.  Of the 5 genetic markers tested for, his results came back positive for all 5.

“It says I’m going to crave rich foods, that I am going to have a hard time controlling my appetite, that I’m going to be hungry all the time even if I just ate a full meal.  It says that I’m going to have a huge insulin resistance, there are 3 of those genes that contribute toward insulin resistance, and I have all 3 of them.  It was a relief to know that it wasn’t me that my cravings were not just a learned behavior I was fighting.  I’m trying to overcome something that I am programmed with, and now i know what I am fighting.  It’s my nature and not just learned behavior.”

Joe is back on track now and it’s in his wife and family that gives him daily motivation to keep going, and most days Joe admits it’s still tough.

“I’m struggling with an addiction like anyone else.  I have 2 beautiful little girls that I should strive to live for, but I am so addicted to rich foods and foods I love genetically, that even that goes by the wayside.”

Joe is back below 400 pounds, and he’s lost so many inches there’s room for two, in a shirt he use to fill by himself.  While he is having success and making progress sometime Joe says it’s hard to see.  

“I’m starting to see it.  I look at my shirt that I could hardly button, and now I can fold it in half.  Those are results I’m starting to see and understand, so that’s encouraging.  It helps keep me on track.  I’m just starting my journey, I would really like to get down below 300 pounds` so I can start biking again, and doing more physical activity.”

Another thing Joe says he learned from his DNA test results is that for him to achieve significant weight loss, he must combine physical activity with proper diet.  They say knowing is half the battle, and with this new DNA information, Joe has now has a bigger half of that battle won.

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Your Healthy Family: DNA testing brings knowledge to weight loss – | Continuous News

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