Why Texans’ Health Care Ranks Among the WorstRivard Report


Texas is known for being an alluring place to live: a can-do attitude, economic growth, robust cities with expansive opportunity, and vast outdoor adventures are but a few of the reasons so many Americans choose to become Texans.

However, the luster of the state quickly vanishes if you’re a family of six with a child living with a chronic condition that requires extensive use of healthcare services, or even if you’re the average Texan who experiences low back pain (LBP), the second most common cause of disability in U.S. adults, which amounts to $100 to $200 billion in total costs annually. A portion of direct costs associated with LBP stem from expenses incurred from medical imaging, like MRI, which has been shown to be of little to no utility in the treatment of people living with chronic LBP.

Although strikingly different, both preceding scenarios necessitate the use of healthcare services, and the costs associated with these services are spiraling out of control. According to the Texas Healthcare Spending Report, the State of Texas spent almost $43 billion on health care in fiscal year 2015, which represented 43.1% of the budget that year. So what, or who, is to blame for these exorbitant healthcare costs?

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Why Texans’ Health Care Ranks Among the WorstRivard Report

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