What happened to weight-loss doctor convicted in toddler daughter’s death?

Q: What happened to Dr. Dennis Tison, who was convicted of throwing his toddler daughter out a window in approximately 2003? Is he still able to operate his diet clinics?

A: Dennis Jay Tison, a Sacramento weight-loss doctor, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and child endangerment after his 14-month-old daughter fell to her death from a second-story window of the family’s Orangevale home.

He was sentenced in July 2002 to six years in prison.

The prosecutor argued during the trial that Tison, then 36, either assaulted or threw the child out of the window in a drunken rage on Jan. 12, 2001, according to stories in The Sacramento Bee.

Despite warnings from his wife to stop drinking alcohol, Tison persisted, and after the child’s death, he lied to cover it up, the prosecutor said.

Tison’s attorney described his client as a “drunk parent” who made a mistake he will have to live with for the rest of his life. The defense attorney maintained that Tison had placed his daughter on top of a desk to play while he was checking his stocks on a his computer. The desk was next to an open second-story window, which the toddler mistook for a sliding-glass door on the ground floor of the home and either leaped or fell to her death on a wooden deck 12 feet below, the attorney said.

Medical Board of California records available online through the California Department of Consumer Affairs website show that Tison’s license was revoked and he is not permitted to practice medicine due to the felony conviction.

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What happened to weight-loss doctor convicted in toddler daughter’s death?

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