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Kirsteen Mosley, from Lincoln, listened to the tape every night as she fell asleep.

The “virtual elastic band” app helped her to shed a whopping five dress sizes, and her new found confidence has encouraged her to do things she never dreamed possible.

Kirsten, 42, found the “EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast!” app when researching weight loss techniques after a shopping trip snapped her into action.

She said: “The size 18 clothes in the January sales wouldn’t fit me, which is when I realised that the size 18 Gap jeans I was wearing all the time were actually an American size and not UK, so I was really wearing 20/22 jeans.”

Kirsteen said she would find it impossible to paint her toenails, wrap a towel around her or even enjoy time with her children because of her weight, decided to try the hypnosis technique.

She said: “I believed that it would work, it made sense.

“I followed the four simple guidelines and found my portion sizes decreasing and the weight just melted away.”

In just eight months Kirsteen had gone from a size 20 to a size 10 and has dropped over four stone.

Kirsteen said: “I found a confidence and belief in myself that allowed me to lose the weight.”

She added: “My mental health was affected by my weight, it was a vicious circle of not looking good in clothes, beating myself up, comfort eating, beating myself up, trying a diet, eating something I shouldn’t have, beating myself up, comfort eating and so on.”

However, as Kirsteen found the weight loss so easy, she was soon able to turn her focus to other challenges that she had previously shied away from.

Kirsteen challenged herself to overcome her lifelong fear of heights.

She said: “Anyone who knew me of old would have a story of me sitting on the floor of a gondola in the Alps crying, panicking and refusing to walk along a path to a waterfall because of the slope.

“Since losing the weight and challenging myself to overcome my fear of heights I have gone on high ropes, cable cars and even paragliding off a mountain.

“All things I never believe possible for me.”

Express.co.uk recently charted Susan Boyle’s weight loss journey.

Susan Boyle lost a whopping two stone in 2016, after Type 2 diabetes left her uncertain as to whether she would sing live again.

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Weight loss: Woman drops five dress sizes and five stone with THIS app | Life | Life & Style

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