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I signed up in June 2015 for the Take Shape For Life (TSFL) 5&1 plan, which had me eating five of TSFL’s prepackaged meals and one meal that I cook for myself daily. The prepackaged meals range from soups and small “hearty choices” like Bolognese pasta to smoothies and protein bars. The daily meal I made for myself was lean protein, like chicken or fish, with three servings of vegetables.

The two biggest things I learned from doing the 5&1 plan were nutritional balance and portion control. If I was eating “healthy” before, I’d have a salad but go back for second and third servings. I was on this plan for 15 months and the weight flew off. The idea is that once you reach your goal, you switch to a 3 and 3 plan. I have a crazy busy schedule that involves tons of travel for work, so I do four daily meals from TSFL and two on my own as maintenance.

That being said, I have to eat out a lot because of work. This was challenging at first, but with time I was able to figure out a system that worked for me. At dinner, I’ll order the lunch portion or something from the kids’ menu, if it’s healthy. I ask for steamed veggies instead of sauteed and I ask about meat serving sizes I get to the restaurant. I’ve found that if I choose a fattier meat, like steak, the portion is too large. But if it’s lean, like fish or chicken, it’s too small. The good news is that the restaurant will usually make you the portion you want and prepare it however you ask. Another great tip I’ve learned is dipping my fork in dressing before bites rather than tossing it in my salad.

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Weight Loss Travel Work | Women’s Health

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