Weight-Loss Tips From Fast-Food Nutritionists


Most sides at fast-food joints are potato-based, but last year Chick-fil-A’s dietitian, Jodie Worrell, R.D., partnered with famed Georgia chef Ford Fry of the upscale eatery King + Duke to develop the Superfood Side, kale and broccolini in a maple vinaigrette with dried cherries—and it’s selling briskly. Fry is now working on other spud-free recipes.

DO IT AT HOME: Treated right, greens or veggies can be as appealing a side dish as calorie-dense potatoes. Sweeten salad dressing with crushed berries or a touch of real sugar, says Amanda Norris, senior director of menu development: When the chain replaced high-fructose corn syrup with sugar in nearly all dressings and sauces, it used less sweetener overall.

Use this simple trick to easily clean fruits and veggies before cooking:

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Weight-Loss Tips From Fast-Food Nutritionists

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