Weight Loss Plateau and How to Break it Off (Infographic)


You started your weight loss diet with full success. Losing weight came naturally, and you saw it drop off each week. Sure you had the initial big drop, but then you saw a steady 1-2lb weight loss weekly that everyone says is healthy.

And then one week it didn’t happen. You didn’t change anything, but you didn’t lose any weight. As a one of you weren’t too worried, but then it happened the next week and then the week after. This week you’ve still not lost any weight.

While you want to focus on the benefit of not gaining, you still want to know why you’ve not lost weight. Does this mean that you will stay at this weight forever?

This is known as a weight loss plateau. The great news is that you can make a few changes and see your weight loss happen again. It takes some work and commitment, but it can definitely be done.

What exactly is a weight loss plateau? What exactly does it mean for you and what do you need to do next? We’ll look at that in detail with this ultimate guide.

Weight Loss Plateaus: You’re Not Alone!

Let me start by saying that you’re not alone. Almost every dieter will suffer a weight loss plateau at some point. They have weeks and weeks of losing absolutely nothing at all. Usually, they will literally just stay the same weight from week to week. Others can gain a pound and then lose it the next week, but the week after that they gain that same pound again. They’re not changing anything, but their body is fluctuating between this same pound.

An actual weight loss plateau is described as someone who stays the same weight for three weeks or more in a row. Nothing changes. It’s like the scales just don’t know how to move either up or down.

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Weight Loss Plateau and How to Break it Off (Infographic)

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