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The CDC says about 38 percent of American adults are considered clinically obese and 71 percent are overweight. Hormone imbalance may affect this back-and-forth weight gain. Some wellness centers say balancing the hormones can help with weight loss. 


Terri DeNeui, MSN, APRN-BC , a nurse practitioner and owner of Evexias Medical Centers, said the benefits of hormone replacement therapy go beyond increased energy levels, mood and libido.


“After we would get their hormones balanced and some key nutrients in their thyroid, they would come back the next time and say, ‘wow I’ve lost ten to 15 pounds and I didn’t even try, what’s that about,'” detailed DeNeui. 


That happened to Brandy Prince, a nurse practitioner, who had no energy, and a pattern of losing and gaining weight over and over. 


“I was obese at 208 pounds and I felt terrible. I felt terrible about myself. I got out of bed every morning and everything just hurt,” she said.


Brandy had testosterone pellets implanted under her skin. She says the treatment helped her build muscle and increased her thyroid levels. She also slept better and eventually lost more than 50 pounds.


“The weight loss was not something that I expected or anticipated, but it was definitely a wonderful benefit,” Brandy said.


“Hormones and what’s going on inside the body at the cellular level where metabolism actually happens has got to be a part of any kind of weight loss regime, otherwise you are just spinning your wheels,” said DeNeui.


You need to discuss the treatment thoroughly with your doctor before considering it. If you have a history of breast or prostate cancer, you may want to avoid it.


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Using hormones for weight loss – Story | WeAreCenralPA

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