Trump uses visit by Kissinger to tout healthcare change


President Trump used a photo op with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to tout a proposal Trump plans to unveil on healthcare later this week, offering an unusual justification.

“We’re going to have to do something with Obamacare because it’s failing. Henry Kissinger does not want to pay a 116% increase in his premiums, but that’s what’s happening,” Trump said.

Kissinger, at 94, is well over Medicare age and wouldn’t be affected by Obamacare or the changes Trump plans to propose.

It was one of several moments in the photo session in which Trump made statements that didn’t comport with reality. He also repeated his claim that “we’re the highest-taxed nation in the world” — an assertion he loves to make even though the U.S. tax burden actually is one of the lowest of the industrialized nations.

He also denied that he had undercut the current secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, by publicly rebuking him on Twitter.

“No, I didn’t undercut anybody. I don’t believe in undercutting people,” he said. 

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Trump uses visit by Kissinger to tout healthcare change

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