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(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Are hormones to blame for your inability to lose weight? David Johns, Total Health and Fitness nutritionist, says the answer may be yes.

When your fat loss hormones are out of balance then everything slows down. You may feel sluggish, foggy and unmotivated. You may try working out harder and cutting calories which only increases stress hormones and causing a vicious cycle of gaining more weight.

There are several hormones that play a factor into your inability to lose weight for both men and women. There are 4 main hormones that can be re-balanced to help re-set your metabolism to get it working for you. Estrogen(typically for women), Testosterone (typically for men) (Cortisol and Insulin, both men and women. )

Mary Jarett tried bio identical hormones which she thought would be helpful, but ultimately were too costly for her to keep up and didn’t work for her. She came to Total Health and Fitness and lost 26 lbs and almost 8% body fat after trying numerous diets and hormone replacement. Mary is ½ way through on her program and continues to drop each week, something she never thought she could do thinking she had to give in to menopausal weight gain.

Tips for viewers to help them balance hormones naturally:

  • Eliminate excess sugar or processed foods
  • Get plenty of rest/sleep
  • Reduce stress (think exercise Endorphins )
  • Eating smaller (healthy) meals more often
  • Getting enough protein with every meal
  • Eat lots of Veggies throughout the day , the fiber helps to remove any excess estrogen from the body.

Proper nutrition and exercise is the best form of medicine and an important place to start to create a lifestyle that sustains proper hormone levels and aid in weight loss and overall health and wellness. If you want to find out how Total Health and Fitness can help you with hormone imbalances through proper nutrition, come in and have a nutritional analysis specific to your goals and both our Draper and Centerville Locations.

There’s also a holiday open house at both Draper & Centerville locations on November 17th. There will also be a drawing for FREE 4 week program, Free turkey giveaway and recipe samples and recipes to take home. Go to to learn more.

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Total Health and Fitness: Hormones & Weight Loss

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