This Woman Is Proving That Each Person’s Weight-Loss Journey Is Unique

Most people hit a breaking point before making a major lifestyle change. For Jacqueline Adan, it was getting stuck in a turnstile at Disneyland because of her size. At the time, the 30-year-old teacher weighed 510 pounds and couldn’t understand how she’d let things go so far. But now, nearly five years later, she has done a complete 180.

Today, Jacqueline has lost over 300 pounds and couldn’t be more proud of her progress. But even though her success is inspirational, she wants her followers to know that it doesn’t make their individual journeys any less special.

“My journey has been far from easy,” Jacqueline wrote alongside a picture of herself showing off her excess skin. “My journey since day 1 has been so much more than losing weight. It was and still is such a physical and mental battle.” (Related: This Badass Bodybuilder Proudly Showed Off Her Excess Skin On Stage After Losing 135 Pounds)

“No one knows what it’s like to be extremely overweight or to lose an extreme amount of weight or what it is like to carry around all of that excess skin, except the people going through it,” she says. “And even then, it’s different for everyone!”

After her empowering reminder, Jacqueline speaks to her followers directly—asking them not to compare their personal journey to those of other people. “No matter what you feel, never let others try to make it sound like you are unworthy to feel the way you feel, ” she says. “Just because someone may have it worse does not mean your struggles are invalid.” Preach.

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This Woman Is Proving That Each Person’s Weight-Loss Journey Is Unique

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