Steve Sand’s Weight Loss Journey at The Edge Fitness Clubs

ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) — There’s nothing that helps you reach your goal better than a little friendly competition. In The Edge Fitness Clubs’ Weight Loss Challenge, teams work together to try and lose the most amount of weight.

“I was always like a skinny kid growing up,” Steve Sand recalled.

But about five years ago, he says the scale started to climb.

“My heaviest was 373 pounds,” Sand said. “It just got physically tiring having that much weight. It affected my knees. I wasn’t happy with how I looked.”

Knowing the direction he was headed, Sand decided to make a big change. Last year, he opted to have bariatric surgery which helped him shed around 100 pounds.

“It motivated me to want to learn new exercises, keep my motivation going,” Sand said.

So as a member of The Edge Fitness Clubs, Sand decided to join the gym’s Weight Loss Challenge. During the eight-week program, teams work together to try to lose the most amount of weight.

“I think the group dynamic of having the support of them was great,” Sand explained. “I do better when I work with other people because then you can feed off of their emotion and their motivation.”

Under the guidance of a personal trainer, Sand lost an additional 35 pounds.

“After losing all the weight that I lost I feel younger, faster, stronger, more energy,” Sand said. “My blood pressure is down. I just feel like a whole new person.”

Sand plans on continuing his new healthy habits.

“I think the Challenge is a great thing because you’ll learn new things, you’ll meet new friends, new people, and it’s just a great overall experience,” Sand said.

To date, Sand has lost a total of 147 pounds and 22 inches off his waist. To learn more, visit

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Steve Sand’s Weight Loss Journey at The Edge Fitness Clubs

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