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St. Vincent Healthcare hosted their 30th neonatal intensive care unit graduation party Sunday. This year, the celebration was held at Zoo Montana for the first time ever.

St. V’s hosted a really great party for all the NICU graduates at Zoo Montana. Toddlers were seen playing on the bounce houses, painting, and participating in fun games. More importantly, the nurses got to reconnect with the children they took care of.

Graduation is a moment in time to mark an end of an era and the start of a new beginning. This is why St. Vincent Healthcare hosted their NICU graduation party.

“It’s one of the days that we look forward to all year,” Sammy Twito said. She is the NICU nurse at manager at St. Vincent Healthcare. “Many of these families we’ve gotten to know as family. It’s really neat to see their kids grow each and every year and they continue to come back, so just a great event to pull the community together and see our babies over time.”

Megan Rohrer and her family drove all the way from Lovell, Wyoming to attend the grad party.  

“Roxyn was born 3 weeks premature,” Rohrer said. “I had placenta previa so they did a c-section and she was born fully developed, she just didn’t know what to do when she was born- how to use what she had. So they sent us to the St. V’s NICU.”

Megan said a special bond is formed between the nurses, baby, and the baby’s family.

“The last day, when we were being discharged, I had gone out to pack some things to go home and i came back in and her nurse was sitting there with a gown, cuddling her because she didn’t want her to go home that day as much as she did, it was wonderful.”

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St. Vincent Healthcare hosts graduation party at Zoo Montana – | Montana’s News Leader

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