Senate debates what’s next for healthcare


(NEXSTAR) — The government estimates that 23 million people could lose healthcare coverage under a Republican plan. Will that number drop as the Senate debates what’s next for healthcare?

The future of healthcare remains a mystery, but New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says one thing is for sure:

“Well if this is the starting point, there is no hope in rewriting this bill. This is a terrible bill,” she said.

Gillibrand is talking about Trumpcare. Under the plan, Americans will no longer be taxed for not buying health insurance, but millions of people will also lose access to government-sponsored coverage.

Gillibrand says there’s a simple fix.

“I say open medicare. Let people buy in and that would make a huge difference,” she said.

But, Republicans want the exact opposite. Their plan is all about saving taxpayers money by getting people off of programs like Medicaid. If their plan becomes law, the government estimates, the federal deficit could be cut by $119 billion.

State Majority Mitch McConnell is one of 13 Senators meeting every week to reform healthcare.

But, he says right now, Democrats are standing in the way of reform.

“I’m not satisfied with the Obamacare status quo and I don’t think it’s acceptable for its failures to be considered the new normal,” he said.

Next week, the Senate is out of session, but in the meantime, Senators will host town halls with their constituents. It’s a chance to hear feedback before the Senate returns back to work in June.

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Senate debates what’s next for healthcare

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