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Tara Wallace worked hard for her post-baby body and the reveal was incredible! The ‘L&HH’ star shut down the haters in a sexy dress on a night out in NYC. You’ll be amazed by her transformation!

Tara Wallace showed off her fabulous post-baby body while out on the town at Jimmy’s Grand Cafe in New York City! The 34 year-old looked like she was having a great time with her on-and-off again partner Peter Gunz as they celebrated his son Cory‘s 30th birthday on Thursday, June 22. The Love & Hip Hop star looked stunning in a tight black dress with straps that criss-crossed her shoulders. Tara totally flaunted her toned legs and sexy cleavage. She gave birth to her third son Gunner Ethan Pankey in Feb. 2016 and took her time so she could lose the baby weight on her own terms.

Tara didn’t let the rumors that she was expecting again after Gunner was born phase her at all! “Women need to be okay if that [weight loss] doesn’t happen, that’s just not their body type. It is okay to have to take your time and it’s okay to have your little pouch,” she told VH1 in March. Tara revealed that she had tried to get in shape in time for filming the seventh season of Love & Hip Hop, but it just wasn’t happening. “I didn’t want to be fat and it just wasn’t going anywhere. I was hungry, I was nursing, it was just too much,” she said.

Tara realized that she needed to slow down after her back gave out. She decided to “wait” and work on that “flat stomach” when the time was right. Tara got real with her followers on Instagram and shared her weight loss journey with them. “I’m always heavy when I’m nursing and I’m going to be heavy during this one too. I post pictures, I don’t try and hide it,”she told VH1. “I’m a regular woman and this is real life and that’s okay.” Peter, 48, couldn’t believe that she got so much hate about her body. She said he told her, “people body bashing you is just so disgusting to me because you have three children and I think you look really good.”

Tara celebrating Cory’s big night with music exec Rich Dollaz, Celebrity publicist Marie Driven, nightclub owner Jimmy Mitosis and Peter Gunz

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See Her Makeover – Hollywood Life

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