Republican agenda on health care is void of problem-solving | Letters to the editor

We’ve seen in these last few months Congress’ attempts to take away health insurance — the basic right of healthcare — from tens of millions of Americans. Without public hearings or open debate or any Democratic input, the Republican House and Senate were concerned only with providing fat tax cuts to their rich patrons, and fulfilling a seven-year pledge to their rabid base. To the benefit of the nation, it appears that the Republicans have failed.

But there are some important insights from this debacle that should be noted:

• Given time and information, Americans will cut through a regiment of lies and distortion. The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, though imperfect, has provided millions with health care security. Americans can see that, and they want that. Most approve of Obamacare and want the ACA to be perfected and expanded, not repealed.

• Active, sustained, public resistance to bad lawmaking works.

• President Donald Trump doesn’t have the intellectual heft or curiosity to learn about a topic as complex as our health care system. Thus, he was incapable of really influencing the content or outcome of the process. Trump’s involvement was limited to spitting threats and belittling his allies. Sad.

• The reason they failed is that the entire Republican agenda is reactionary — void of any positive problem-solving and limited to rolling back the social and economic gains achieved by the Obama administration and supported by the people.

Now’s the time for Missouri’s Legislature and governor to do what’s best for all Missourians: Pass Medicaid expansion. If they won’t do that, then we need a new Legislature and governor.

And let’s not forget the shameful actions of Rep. Ann Wagner and Sen. Roy Blunt. Both Republicans steadfastly supported stripping health care from deserving Americans and both were unresponsive to the majority opposed to this bad law.

N. Timothy Smith  •  Webster Groves

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Republican agenda on health care is void of problem-solving | Letters to the editor

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