Personalized weight loss the approach at Medi Weightloss


Posted: Monday, February 27, 2017 9:16 pm

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Personalized weight loss the approach at Medi Weightloss

BRISTOL — Medi Weightloss Clinics, which moved into Bristol Commons earlier this month, prides itself on being “the one that works” — coming up with personalized weight loss plans for customers and helping them stick to it.

The clinic, which opened Feb. 6 at 99 Farmington Ave., is one of 130 locations in 31 states, including five in Connecticut. According to Elizabeth Camacho, office manager, Medi Weightloss Clinics have helped patients lose a combined 3.2 million pounds. Since opening in Bristol, she said the location is “very busy.” She added that the city has been very receptive and that she is considering joining the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

“We would love to get involved and hold health fairs to educate people on what we do and how we can help them get healthier,” said Camacho.

Camacho said 34 percent of adults 20 or older in the U.S. are considered obese and that people who are obese typically pay 42 percent more on health-care costs. Medi Weightloss provides clients with the tools and resources they need to get back down to a healthy weight.

“Schools are cutting athletic programs and adults and kids are spending more time on electronics and less time outside,” she said. “Medi Weightloss is a multi-step program, which depends on the weight loss plan that best fits each person,” said Camacho. “We can have one-on-one discussions about estimated costs and how we can help you get healthier. Our program also includes weekly visits so we can check in on progress and us providing resources such as food recipes, nutrition and different exercises to support you. Education is what really helps to keep the weight off.”

Medi Weightloss also offers a free assessment which includes a body mass index analyzer. This machine lets clients know what percentage of their body is fat, what percentage is water, what percentage is muscle and what their ideal weight should be. Another machine tells people what their metabolism rate is, how many calories their body needs and their resting energy expenditure.

Medi Weightloss Clinics accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurance. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

For more information, call 860-516-5900 or visit their website at

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Monday, February 27, 2017 9:16 pm.

Updated: 9:18 pm.

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Personalized weight loss the approach at Medi Weightloss

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