NM Democrats rally with Albuquerque community about healthcare


When Andrew was born, doctors said he couldn’t walk until he was four.

“Please keep health care alive,” SAID Loretta Garcia-Rael. “People and individuals like Andrew who have Down syndrome need this kind of affordable care.”

With the help of therapy and treatment, his mom says he’s walking at two years old. He’s covered under Medicaid.

“Three more surgeries coming up and he’s had actually 4 previous surgeries including a closure to his heart,” said Garcia-Rael. “So without those procedures to be available to him, we can’t afford that you know. And without Medicaid, that’s how he gets his treatments.”

At Saturday’s rally, political leaders promised to fight for patients like Andrew.

“We’re not going to go back,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich, D- New Mexico. “We’re not going to kick a quarter million people in New Mexico off of their health care. We’ve dropped our uninsured rate dramatically in this state, and we don’t want to lose that progress and we shouldn’t have to.”

He says if the new health care bill passes, it would put a billion dollar a year hole in the state budget.

“We have to figure out a way not to make this political, but to make it equitable,” said Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham. “It’s really about justice here and saving all our budget.”

Representative Steve Pearce who supports the bill said it’s no way perfect, but a step in the right direction, in a press release sent out on May 4th, the day the House voted.

“New Mexicans deserve a 21st-century health care system based on what they need and want, not what Washington thinks is best for them. The bill passed in the house today will put the power back into the states’ hands so they can decide what is best for their unique populations and will provide care for everyone, including people with pre-existing conditions, those in high-risk pools, and children who wish to continue being covered under their parent’s plans.”

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NM Democrats rally with Albuquerque community about healthcare

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