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When you’re doing the low-carb thing and a case of the munchies strikes, it can be challenging to come up with snacks that are as easy to make as they are to throw in your purse.

On top of that, these noshes should also do your body a solid in the nutrition department while helping you stay on track with your weight-loss goals. You know, no pressure.

“Swapping out high-carb snacks for ones that contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats can reduce appetite and increase metabolism,” says Emily Rubin, R.D., clinical dietitian at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. “Snacks high in protein and fiber, in particular, can leave you feeling satisfied so you eat less during the day and are less likely to overeat at mealtime.”

Even though the FDA has yet to legally define what “low-carb” means, she adds, many weight-loss diets have defined it as anywhere between 50 to 150 grams of carbs per day. So when selecting a low-carb snack, aim for 15 grams or less of total carbs, suggests California-based registered dietitian Sarah Greenfield.

Here are 11 delish snack ideas that fit the bill.

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Low-Carb Snacks For Weight Loss| Women’s Health

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