Local Woman Finds New Life Through Non-Profit Weight Loss Program

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — – Arkansas has some of the worst obesity rates in the country. Now a non-profit organization is working to help Arkansans shed the pounds and keep it off.

Bonnie Wiles said she made the decision to turn her life around nearly five years ago when she weighed over 300 pounds. 

She said the organization called TOPS is what made her dreams become a reality. “I was tired of being fat, not liking myself, you know you can’t find pictures of me really because I always hid in the back,” Wiles said. 

Whiles only has a few pictures from  before she lost weight. 

She said five years ago was the final straw and she knew something had to change.  “I Just got fed up. My blood pressure was high. He had me on cholesterol medicine so I’ve been off it for over two years now. “

 A hundred pounds later, Wiles said TOPS changed her whole perspective on life, from eating healthy to making a complete lifestyle change. “I enter everything into my Fitness Pal. I haven’t missed a day. I’m 1700 and some days straight of entering my food so that shows me when I’m overeating.”

The organization is a support group and now Wiles is working to inspire her own friends to make the same changes. “They’re all proud of me and I try to help them you know. I have one friends that’s lost  35 pounds but she’s doing it on her own.”

Wiles added, one thing you just cannot put a price tag on is the moments she now gets to share with her family that she didn’t get to before.  “I just have more energy, and spend time with my grand babies, I can keep up with them, they’re from five down to one and just enjoy life.    “

TOPS has helped more than one-thousand Arkansans who have lost a total of more than 5-thousand pounds. 

For more information head to the TOPS website —> http://www.tops.org/tops/tops/default.aspx

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Local Woman Finds New Life Through Non-Profit Weight Loss Program

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