Letter to the Editor: Health care is a right


To the editor:

After reading this week’s Crosstalk, I would just like to challenge RaeLynn to do an in-depth story about how the Affordable Care Act has helped the people of this community. I would be the first one to sign up to talk with her.

When the ACA was originally passed, I had a well-paying job in the healthcare industry that allowed me to pay the $700 per month that my employer didn’t cover. Mind you, this coverage had a $6,000 family deductible with 20 percent copay for covered services. This meant that there were plenty of medical needs my family had that were not covered by our insurance. At that time, I was helping meet the home health equipment needs of many patients who had Medicaid. Not once did it ever enter my mind that they should not receive this care because they couldn’t afford it, or they didn’t have a job that paid enough to cover their health care. Fast forward several years, and I find myself, at times, working two jobs that do not offer healthcare for part-time employees and I do not make enough to provide coverage for my family. The ACA is the only reason my husband is alive. He served his country for eight years but does not qualify for healthcare through the military. He was able to recover from a stroke because of the care he received, thanks in large part to the ACA.

I do not view the Senate, and specifically those Republican Senators who voted with their Democratic counterparts, as “squishy.” I view them as heroes. They had the courage to realize the catastrophic impact a repeal of the ACA would mean for this country. Hospitals, such as MCMC, stand to lose thousands upon thousands of dollars. Patients have stopped going to emergency rooms across the country because they can actually see a doctor to take care of their chronic disease. This is not to say that there are still not a lot of patients that use the emergency room in this manner, but at least the hospital is getting paid for their visits.

The reason that the ACA is in such bad shape currently is because the insurance providers have no idea what the current administration is going to do with regards to the payments owed the states for federal subsidies.

Trump’s rhetoric is not helping this situation at all. Allowing ACA to implode is showing his true colors —he doesn’t care that this willful decision will be affecting the lives of so many.

Health care is a human right, if not a Constitutional one. The Constitution states that the government is responsible ….”for the General Welfare of its citizens.”

Nicole Cowart 

The Dalles

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Letter to the Editor: Health care is a right

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