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To the editor:

“I recall my frustration years ago watching U.S. television while an ‘analyst’ from the right-wing Cato Institute spewed blatant lies about Canada’s public health care system — including that all hospitals in Ontario, having run out of money at the end of the year, had completely shut down for the month of December. So it was with some pleasure last week that I watched as a Republican congressman tried to insist that Canadians routinely flock to the U.S. for health care, only to have MSNBC host Ali Velshi stop him dead in his tracks. ‘Sir, I grew up in Canada,’ Velshi declared. ‘I live in Canada. My entire family is in Canada. Nobody I know ever came to the United States for health care. I am sure you have a handful of stories about things like that. It is not actually statistically true.'” — From “Fighting Fake News About Canadian Health Care” by Linda McQuaig, author, journalist, and former NDP candidate for Toronto Centre in the Canadian federal election.

And who is behind this misinformation campaign? None other than Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries and generous contributors to reactionary policies. They have been generous donors to Mike Pence, Trump’s VP and supported him as president, not Trump. They have in fact, according to the New Yorker writer Jane Meyer in her book, Dark Money, invested great sums in a wide network of think tanks, academic programs, front groups, lobbyists, buying our politicians and setting up faux front groups, political action groups/campaigns.

A little background: in 1980 David Koch ran as Vice President on the Libertarian Party, foe of public education, social security and taxation wanting to actually end all these. But they have persisted in their reactionary agenda in shredding what vestiges of a society we as a nation might actually have and turning the US into one Company Town. The combined wealth of the two Koch brothers, a whopping $84.5 billion, makes possible this re-imagining of America into a nightmare for all except the very wealthy.

We need the US media to do their job, that is, investigative journalism. Watch the new documentary: http://www.nowsthetimemovie.com. Most Canadians, you will find if you take the trouble and care at all for your own nation will tell you they do appreciate their healthcare system. Do reactionary Canadians exist? Sure, but you will find they are a wealthy disgruntled minority. Fortunately for the Canadians they do not seem to be crass capitalists as in “free marketeers.”

The only healthcare system that will finally cover every man, woman, and child in the US is Improved Medicare For All/Single-Payer Healthcare.

— Giovanna Lepore


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Letter: Get the truth on Canadian healthcare | The Bennington Banner

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