Lanio defeats Nyhan in Hampton weight-loss challenge – News –

HAMPTON John Nyhans low-carb dieting was no match for 401 Tavern owner Dan “Desi” Lanio’s daily walks and calorie counting in their charitable weight-loss contest.

Nyhan and Lanio met for the final weigh-in Aug. 31 in the 401 Tavern’s bar room, where a bathroom scale showed Lanio lost 28 pounds in one month, beating Nyhan’s 14 pounds. A large $1,000 check was on hand for Nyhan to sign, the money to help pay for the Winnacunnet High School marching band’s participation in the Hampton Christmas Parade this December.

Lanio, who walked three to five miles daily and dropped his calorie intake to 1,800 a day, will still split the check with Nyhan, he said. He admitted he had an easier time losing weight than Nyhan since he started at 249 pounds, 31 pounds heavier than Nyhan.

“I felt he had a disadvantage because, when you come in at 218 pounds… it’s harder for him to lose weight than I did at 249,” Lanio.

While Lanio said there was “no loser here” when it came to the prize money, he gave Nyhan plenty of razzing inside the 401 Tavern when the final weigh-in took place and the scores written on the whiteboard on the wall.

Nyhan was confident his swapping beer for Truly Spiked and Sparkling and sticking to chicken and salads would make him the victor, especially since he caught Lanio eating plenty of chicken nuggets during the weight-loss period.

“I’m amazed. I can’t understand how he could lose that much weight,” said Nyhan.

Lanio had the help of his wife, Paula Stanca, who regularly works out and eats healthy. She kept a daily diary of his eating habits and exercise, getting him to come down from eating approximately 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day to his 1,800 calories. She also had him do an Isagenix cleanse, during which no food can be eaten, shortly before the weigh-in as a “final charge” to victory, Stanca said.

The competition originated in July when Lanio, Stanca and the Nyhans were out to dinner together. Stanca and Nyhan’s wife Pamela began teasing their husbands about how they need to lose weight. Nyhan challenged Lanio to a bet, leading to the charitable contest. The competition began officially Aug. 1.

Stanca said Lanio did well in staying healthy considering drinking and schmoozing are such a big part of his daily life as a tavern owner.

“You can’t just not socialize when you have a restaurant. It’s hard not to keep a diet where you don’t drink,” said Stanca. “He pulled it off, and he wasn’t too bad.”

Nyhan said he plans to stick to his diet until after this weekend’s Seafood Festival, of which he is the chairman, while Lanio intends to keep going until he is down to 215 pounds. Both said they feel much healthier and are glad they could make their competition a donation effort to a local school program.

“This is a win-win for the entire community,” said Nyhan. “(Helping the community) was the main intent of the contest from the very beginning, and I think we were able to accomplish it.”

WHS band teacher Ken Martin only found out about the charity challenge the week before the weigh-in. He was at the 401 Tavern to accept the check along with WHS Principal William McGowan and Assistant Principal Mike Daboul.

“It’s been really great to see how much support this town gives to the arts and the band,” said Martin. “To come back to school about a week ago and be told this was going on was a really nice surprise.”

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Lanio defeats Nyhan in Hampton weight-loss challenge – News –

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