Janet Jackson’s 70-Pound Weight Loss: Details


Whoa baby! On Sunday, October 8, Janet Jackson showed off her 70-pound weight loss (following the birth of her son Eissa in January) at the Hollywood Bowl during her sold-out concert.

The 51-year-old singer, who’s been working with personal trainer Paulette Sybliss, looked svelte in all black on stage, and is feeling better than ever. “Janet is back and she’s ready to take over. She’s doing amazing,” a source tells Us Weekly, adding that the pop star in the best shape of her life, due to sticking to an eating and exercise regimen. “She’s on a strict workout plan and diet. She’s hardcore working out,” the source continued. “She was losing weight in Europe before she got back on the tour. She’s maybe the smallest she has ever been.”

Her trainer revealed that Janet dropped all of the baby weight by focusing on building muscle. “We did no conventional cardio whatsoever,” she shared in an interview with Essence. “A lot of people find that really hard to believe. It was all weight training and it was the type of weight training where we would incorporate exercises back-to-back. I didn’t just want her to lose weight; I wanted her to drop body fat. I wanted her to look fit and be fit as well. I’m really trying to re-educate a lot of women about the benefits of weight training. Women typically think, I’m gonna get big, I’m gonna get bulky, and they will not. When the body has to use muscle, not only does it burn fat during the session, but also after.”

She continued, “When I was taken on to do the job, my goal was, one, to get her aesthetically looking great, but also to get her fit for the tour.” Mission accomplished!

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Janet Jackson’s 70-Pound Weight Loss: Details

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