‘I Lost 10 Pounds And Kept It Off—Here’s How I Did It’


Here are 15 dance-inspired burpees you’ll actually feel like doing:

“I think the hardest part is staying motivated with my fitness regimen—either I get bored, or my body gets used to my workouts and I stop seeing results, which makes me feel like quitting. To keep myself from falling into that trap, I always mix things up with my fitness. Yes, I still believe that strength training is key for weight loss for women, but there are other ways to work out too that are (way) more fun.

“Currently, I’m on a dance kick! I take fun classes at Dogpatch Dance and Yoga in San Francisco, which has heels classes, Caribbean-style dancehall classes, tap classes to Beyonce, and even classes that have super-sexy choreography. Sometimes, I’ll take four classes back-to-back and not even think about it until I check my FitBit and it says I’ve burned almost 1,600 calories. I also do yoga, which is on demand, when I need a rest but still want to move my body. When I combine fun fitness experiences with my traditional strength training I never fall into a rut and my body keeps progressing—and best of all, I keep the weight off.

“This journey can be so difficult when you’re going it alone. I make sure that I have multiple tribes of people to help keep me accountable. Each month, a group of women and I check in with our daily workouts and meals via a tracking app—it’s nice to see everyone’s posts, and we always motivate and encourage each other. I also keep in touch with a group of women on Instagram. Although we’ve never met in person, we always like and comment on each other’s posts and DM each other for motivation. Additionally, a group of people I take dance classes with participate in private FB chats to stay connected. The camaraderie and accountability ensure that I don’t let my excuses keep me from staying on track with my fitness and nutrition.”  —Allison Tibbs (Dance your way fit with High-Intensity Dance Cardio, the first-ever  socanomics  DVD!)

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‘I Lost 10 Pounds And Kept It Off—Here’s How I Did It’

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