Husband, wife sweep Mesabi Meltdown top weight loss honors | Local

VIRGINIA — Melters lined up for the final weigh-in Tuesday at the Mesabi Daily News office to signal the end of this year’s Mesabi Meltdown.

“I’m glad it is over,” echoed through the halls as rail thin Rangers rejoiced at their melted numbers on the scale.

Although the Mesabi Meltdown is over, participants plan to continue their lifestyle changes and keep the weight off.

“I want to run some races,” said Greg Wilson as he showed off the inches he lost.

“He won himself,” said MDN Sales and Events Coordinator Nikki Buchholz as Wilson walked out the door. “You are a winner if you lose,” she added.

As the losers (who were all winners) left the building, many thanked the Mesabi Daily News staff for encouraging them throughout the process and holding the event.

“Weigh-ins reminded me of my goal,” stated Melter Laura Kanian.

While many rejoiced in better fitting clothes, almost all participants said they felt better and healthier than when they started the Mesabi Meltdown.

Stephen Henrey started losing weight due to being diagnosed with diabetes. In the last few months he has lost pounds, inches and diabetes.

While some focused on their weight loss solo, many couples and a few groups entered the contest together.

The largest group challenging each other were those who work at the St. Louis County building. While they are part way through an office weight-loss challenge, about 15 also joined the Mesabi Meltdown. There are some reports that attempts have been made to sabotage coworkers weight loss in the form of donuts.

During his final weigh-in, Steve Borchers would neither confirm nor deny involvement with the donuts.

Melter Jackie Plesha joined the Meltdown with her boyfriend and said, “This whole program has made me eat healthier … it was about a lifestyle change and I am glad that I did it … Even though it has ended, we are in a new mindset.”

As with every contest, there are some top winners.

One couple, Celina and Brock Kick supported, encouraged, and held each other accountable through the whole Meltdown. They both were the top losers in their categories.

“We have never been on the same page about health,” admitted Celina over the phone Tuesday, “this got us working together and being successful.”

The key to their success besides working together? Diet and exercise. They worked out together with Celina training for a 5K and Brock utilizing “Insanity.” While they would occasionally have cheat days, they cut a large amount of sugar and carbohydrates from their diets.

Together they blew their competition out of the water losing more than 20 percent of their individual body weight.

Another big winner was Lenae Aimonetti who lost 17.894 percent of her body weight, making her the third loser overall and winning her the second place spot in the women’s category.

“I am sleeping better and have more energy.” What was her secret to success? “I downloaded an app on my phone that helped me count calories per week, and I worked out two to three times a week.”

The top three winners of the men’s and women’s categories each win a monetary prize.

First places winner were husband and wife duo Brock and Celina Kick with each winning $750. Brock lost 25.966 percent and Celina lost 20.014 percent.

Second place winner for the women’s category was Lenae Aimonetti, winning $500. She lost 17.894 percent.

Second place winner for the men’s category was Erik Wedge, winning $500. He lost 17.519 percent.

Third place winner for the women’s category was Brenda Hughes, winning $250. She lost 17.882 percent.

Third place winner for the men’s category was Rocco Leoni, winning $250. He lost 16.498 percent.

#31 20.014; #44 17.894; #111 17.882; #48 17.192; #36 14.754; #36 14.754; #10 13.756; #136 11.771; #118 10.550; #51 9.831; #43 9.310; #74 8.005; #17 7.193; # 98 6.971; #52 6.865; #101 6.721, #105 6.602; #15 5.450; #100 5.327; #26 5.269; #54 5.140; #47 5.122; #71 4.736; #3 4.643; #99 4.436; #80 4.290; #97 3.561; #42 3.534; #76 3.336; #78 2.913; #82 2.187, #114 1.638; #123 0.912; #92 0.856; #60 0.405; #4 -0.627, #73 -1.984

#30 25.966; #146 17.519; #1 16.498; #5 15.630; #53 15.096; #6 10.171; #137 10.104; #12 7.400; #75 6.718; #62 4.796; #28 2.943; #77 2.186; #16 2.012; #61 0.954; #83 -0.648; #132 -3.395

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Husband, wife sweep Mesabi Meltdown top weight loss honors | Local

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