HealthOn Broadway offering healthcare downtown


TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – A new healthcare facility opened its doors in Downtown Tucson.

HealthOn Broadway is a partnership between El Rio Health and Tucson Medical Center.

The two have worked together for the past year to create a unique health care experience in Tucson.

“This has been a partnership long in the making with the goal of taking care of people who live and work downtown. It’s walkable, it’s hip, it’s healthcare and it’s a great opportunity for us to work together,” said Judy Rich with Tucson Medical Center.

HealthOn is able to handle up to 7,000 patient visits per year.

The facility will be staffed with doctors, family nurse practitioners, a radiology technician, lab assistant, behavioral health consultant and health coaches who are licensed practical and registered nurses.

To register as a patient, please call 520-309-4200 or come into the new location.


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HealthOn Broadway offering healthcare downtown

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