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Tiffany has been on an incredible weight-loss journey since 2015. You can see the progress she made over the last couple years by scrolling through her Instagram and looking at all the before-and-after photos, as well as the inspirational words she writes about taking control of your life and staying positive, no matter what.

POPSUGAR spoke to Tiffany about her transformation, and she brought the same kind of honesty to our conversation as she does to her Instagram. “I have a lost a total of 205 pounds,” she shared. She certainly changed the way she ate, but there were two big changes that really helped Tiffany reach her goals. “I lost the weight by exercising four to five days out of the week (I love Zumba!), and I had gastric bypass surgery in 2015.”

Before you go judging Tiffany for her decision to have surgery done, she wants you to know this: “A lot of people will assume that just because you had surgery, you don’t have to put in work. That is far from the truth.” The surgery is just the start of the weight loss, Tiffany told POPSUGAR. Although it was the catalyst for her to get her health on track, she still had to make daily choices that helped her drop a significant amount of weight — and that’s where Zumba came in.

She dances her ass off almost every day, and it’s helped her transform her entire life, make healthy decisions, and feel great about herself. Tiffany even expanded her fitness routine and recently ran a half-marathon.

Additionally, Tiffany has found that Instagram is her “biggest platform for motivation. It helps to have a great support system!” She admitted that her “biggest challenge was remaining motivated” after the surgery, so she used Instagram as a place to find encouragement, even from people she didn’t really know.

We asked Tiffany if she has any advice for women who are also on a weight-loss journey. “Surround yourself with individuals who will support you. Positive vibes only!” she advised. “Write down your goals, especially non-scale victories. Reward yourself for achieving goals!”

“Take measurements and remember that the scale isn’t everything,” Tiffany concluded. She wants everyone to know that if she can do it, anyone can.

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Gastric Bypass Weight Loss | POPSUGAR Fitness

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