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These images of women from across the world prove that weight doesn’t equate to being in shape.

All of these women have transformed their bodies by putting weight on and eating more than they did before.

In fact, the women threw the scales away altogether, concentrating on muscles much more then what they ate. 

One, Mikayla Zazon, from the USA, said: “I’m clearly making a lot of progress but the scale doesn’t believe so. 

“The scale can’t comprehend every factor that is put into play, did I eat a big meal before I went to bed? Did I drink enough or too much water? 

“Just because the scale says you aren’t making progress doesn’t make it true. Don’t be rash and start cutting more calories. Trust the process.”

The women, who all have hundreds of followers on Instagram, claim that putting weight on has made them many times happier with their figures.

So how are the women keeping the figures so impressively trim?

Emma Wizzfit from Australia revealed her diet plan, which even involves ice cream.

Emma’s diet plan:

Preworkout: Banana

Breakfast: 0.5% Greek Yoghurt, rolled oats, PB, raspberries, 1 tbsp of whey protein

Lunch: Chicken breast and mixed roast veg seasoned with Myprotein seasoning

Snacks: Dip with carrot sticks, snack bar, quark yoghurt

Dinner: Vietnamese stir fry sauce with chicken and mixed veg on brown rice

Dessert: Caramel Coconut Ice Cream

Total: 2115 cals: 231g Carbohydrates , 71g Fat, 150g Protein, 31g fibre.

Emma said: “Good nutrition is about getting the basics right. 

“Eat enough food, get plenty of protein in at every meal to repair muscles and treat yourself so you don’t send yourself crazy. 

“Consuming a wide range of wholegrains, fruits and vegetables is essential for gut health, satiety and reducing your risk of lifestyle diseases.”

Myprotein Personal Trainer Tom Pitfield says; “The fact that these women are from countries across the globe including Australia, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Canada, Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, USA and France – goes to show that this isn’t a localised trend.

“There’s been a huge shift in people’s fitness aspirations since the days of lengthy cardio and weight loss sessions.

“It’s all about training smart, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym if you’re choosing the correct exercises for muscle gain.”  

This morning banana diet claims it could help you lose over three stone.

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Forget the weight loss diet plan and put weight ON if you want to look good | Diets | Life & Style

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