Can you use laxatives for weight loss?


“You might also find that opening your bowels relieves trapped wind and bloating but it won’t aid weight loss and routinely taking them is very dangerous.”

You may have read reports of people feeling ‘skinnier’ or having a flatter stomach after taking laxatives but this is purely down to a loss of water weight, which will immediately return once the body is rehydrated.

What happens when you routinely take laxatives?

There are a number of health concerns associated with the overuse of laxatives. These include:

Electrolyte imbalance

“Laxatives can lead to the body losing a lot of fluid, and with it, a lot of important electrolytes,” says Nigel Denby. These electrolytes control systems and functions in the body – including vital organs and your heart beat.  “When your electrolytes are out of balance, you can feel very ill and in extreme cases, it can be fatal.”

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Can you use laxatives for weight loss?

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