AARP staggering numbers on Senate version of health care bill


Premiums could jump to $13,000  a year for those aged 55-64.

It’s a train wreck.

That is essentially the new evaluation from Wisconsin AARP on the proposed Senate healthcare law in Washington, that could be voted on as soon as this week. 

One prediction: Over $13,000 a year in health premiums for those between 55 and 64 – many of whom make $25,000 year.

“When you’re talking about premiums under the Senate bill going up as much as $13,000 a year in the individual market, it seems pretty hard to find a way for somebody making $25,000 a year to be able to afford that coverage,” AARP state director Sam Wilson said.

The solution for Wilson would be to fix the Affordable Care Act, not repeal.

“People have fallen into cracks in the current Affordable Care Act coverage where they may be paying more than they did before,” he admits. “By far, those stories are much fewer than the people who have been assisted by the ACA.”

As for those that fall in that 55-64 age range, who could see premiums skyrocket, there aren’t just a few of them. There are tens of thousands that fall into that category in Wisconsin.

“It could be farmers. It could be a lot of different trades and jobs,” Wilson said. “But that’s a significant number of folks who are going to have to deal with a big increase in their insurance premiums.”

The group’s new report says a 60 year old in Wisconsin making $45,000 a year would pay close to $14,000 more in insurance premiums on the individual market under the Senate bill.



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AARP staggering numbers on Senate version of health care bill

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