Japan is a beautiful country blessed with wonderful natural scenery and incredible young-looking and slim women. No one knows what the secret of the looks of Japanese women is, but we finally have the answer. According to experts, the secret lies in their diet and their healthy dietary habits.

The Japanese diet is based on the principle of longevity, which makes sense as Japan is home to the biggest number of people that live more than 100. The Japanese never eat food for its taste, but due to the health benefits it offers. Here are the top 10 reasons why Japanese women looks so slim and young:

  1. Green tea

Green tea is one of the staples of Japanese cuisine. It’s an ancient ceremony and cultural activity including the preparation of the matcha tea. Besides tasting great, green tea is also very beneficial. It is full of antioxidants that can fight the aging process and assist with weight loss, while also reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. According to a 2006 study, drinking green tea is associated with lower risk of premature death – the study found out that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day results in 26% lower mortality rate.

  1. Fermented foods

Kimchi, combucha, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh and kefir are all fermented foods which the Japanese eat on a daily basis. Fermented foods are made through a process of lacto fermentation during which lactic acid is created and the beneficial nutrients are preserved. These foods promote the production of beneficial bacteria in the gut and improve digestion, which results in better weight loss. Besides this, fermented foods detoxify the body of toxins and heavy metals as well. The link between fermented foods and growth of beneficial microbes in the gut has been scientifically confirmed as well by a 2014 study.

  1. Seafood

Seafood is a big part of Japanese cuisine. In Japan, people prefer to eat seafood instead of red meat which has been related to serious health problems. The seafood is often accompanied by rice or noodles. The most popular type of seafood in Japan is fish such as mackerel, salmon, shrimp and tuna. These types of fish are rich in numerous vitamins, minerals and protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids which are important for our cardiovascular health. Omega-3s can also help you lose belly fat and reduce the inflammation in your body. These compounds can also improve the quality of your skin and prevent numerous skin problems such as eczema or atopic dermatitis. The fish in Japan is eaten raw, poached, fried, grilled, steamed or baked.

  1. Eating small portions

The Japanese believe that smaller portions of food are better for their health and figure. Eating less means intaking less calories and prevents overeating and weight gain. They serve small plates of food which aren’t full, and the food is arranged nicely in order to showcase its beauty. The Japanese enjoy fresh food the most and never serve big portions.

  1. Walking

Everyone in Japan prefers walking than driving which is why these people are so slim. Besides helping them stay fit, walking improves their cardiovascular health and helps them relax. The Japanese cities are full of people which go to work every morning by train or bus, so many people are left with no choice but walking. Besides walking, they also love riding bicycles to work and back home.

  1. No fast food

One of the best eating habits of Japanese people is their avoidance of fast food. They consider eating a ritual during which nothing else is done. When the Japanese sit on the table, they are solely focused on the food, which means no TV, smartphones or doing anything else than eating. If you go to Japan, you won’t see anyone stuffing themselves with fast food on their way to work or home. They like to eat slowly, and the chopsticks are perfect for it. Slower eating also means knowing when you’re full, which prevents overeating and the subsequent weight gain.

  1. Healthy cooking methods

The Japanese usually eat raw or simmered food and they rarely eat fried food – even when they serve deep-fried foods such as tempura, they are served with other raw and fermented foods which provide balance to the meal.

  1. Martial arts

Everyone knows that martial arts are a big part of Asian (and Japanese) culture. People in Japan practice martial arts regardless of age or gender, and practices such as judo, aikido and karate improves their overall fitness level and health as well. These martial arts also help build up muscles and improve muscle flexibility, while slowing down the aging process and assisting with weight loss. According to a 2013 study, martial arts can improve body composition and reduces inflammation in obese or overweight women.

  1. Hot spring baths

The Japanese believe that hot spring baths improve their longevity. The so-called “onsen” springs can be found all around Japan and are very beneficial for the overall health thanks to the presence of minerals such as calcium, silica, niacin and magnesium. These minerals are absorbed through the skin and increase the hydrostatic pressure in the body, resulting in better circulation and oxygen flow. This helps the Japanese relax and resolve any kind of sleeping problem.

  1. Healthy desserts

The Japanese rarely eat sugar in the form of desserts. Even when they serve them, they prefer fresh fruit instead of the chocolate goodies we are used to. The rare types of Japanese sweets contain less caramel and refined flour than those found in the West, which helps them stay fit and healthy.



Source : www.naturehealthandbeauty.com


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