​Obalon Weight Loss Balloon System


Tired of the yo-yo dieting, Goossens decided to reach out to the researchers overseeing the clinical trials (at the time, Obalon wasn’t FDA-approved) and managed to snag one of the last spots. In a new essay on Time, she describes the program.

“The procedure was surprisingly simple,” she writes. “During the first session, I swallowed a small capsule that was tied to a tiny micro-catheter. The doctor then inflated the balloon once it was in my stomach—it gets to be about the size of an orange—and removed the catheter. The whole process took about 10 minutes. In the beginning, I could tell there was an object inside of me. At night it was a bit more uncomfortable as I could feel the balloon move a bit and squeak, but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

A month later, she swallowed the second balloon, and two months after that, the third one. At the end of the six-month mark, Goossens had lost 40 pounds and says she developed lifestyle changes to help her keep it off.

“I’m hopeful this weight loss is sustainable…By the time the trial ended, I felt confident I could maintain my healthy lifestyle even after getting the balloons removed. And I’ve even lost more weight since then,” she says.

Read the full essay over at Time.

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​Obalon Weight Loss Balloon System

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